Sailing trips with Ålesund as a starting point.

Safe sailing with a top equipped sailing boat. Sun Odyssey 43DS.

We customize the tour according to your wishes.

Here are some possible alternatives.

1. Day sailing with departure from Ålesund guest harbor

2. Day sailing with accommodation

3. Longer trips.

What can we offer?

Sunnmøre is a paradise to sail in. Both the fjords and the islands out sea give more than enough to choose from. Nevertheless, may be the greatest experience is the sailing itself.

Therefore one should take heed of wind and weather in choice of route.

Cultural elements can also be agreed upon.

Who is this suitable for?

For anyone who loves sea and nature. We are in ourselves in our 60s and we are happy to invite "adults".

We can also arrange for families with children. What about the price?

This is the first season. This year you can make a bargain! We will probably come to an agreement.

Ove Kvangarsnes

Mob. 91511147 Ove-kvan@online.no